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Our clients come first as they face the everyday storms of life.
Our services are provided in an atmosphere of love, hope and purpose.


Pueblo Cooperative Care Center serves the community and provides critical needs services including:




Direct Medical Prescription Assistance

Emergency Transportation

Basic Needs Essentials

Voucher Programs for:
Colorado Identification Cards
Colorado Driver's Licenses
Colorado Driver's Permits
Birth Certificates
Death Certificates

Spiritual foundations and leadership

Medicaid and Medicare Supplemental Services

Every 3 months you can receive $120 in credits ($480 per year) for health products that are delivered directly to you at no extra cost. These include oral, eye and ear care items; pain relievers, cold remedies and vitamins; and thermometers, blood pressure monitors and more.

24 one-way rides every year (12 round trips) to medical and dental providers or your pharmacy. Wheelchair accessible vehicles are available.
Dental coverage with $0 copay for services including checkups every 6 months, routine x-rays every 3 years and horizontal bitewings as prescribed by your dental provider once each year.

Vision coverage with $0 copay for one routine eye exam every 2 years, $0 copay for standard eyeglass lenses, and a $70 credit toward glasses or $105 toward contacts every 2 years.

On-site Medical Screening Services

Mobile nurses helping to identify health risks

Health education on making positive lifestyle changes

Immediate results with coaching related to risk factors

Increase awareness of personal health needs


If you are a new client or need clothing assistance, please visit us. We are located at 326 W. 8th St. in Pueblo. All services are provided at no cost to those we serve.

If you need help with food, clothing, help paying for prescriptions, emergency local transportation, or personal hygiene items, please visit us.

When you sign in you will need to provide your photo ID and proof of residency. You will wait for an interviewer to call you. Once you have connected with an interviewer you will be asked for information regarding finances and you will be able to add members of your household to your file. If you are receiving clothing you will go back to the lobby to wait to be called into the clothing store. After clothing you will be able to go to the pantry to pick up your food distribution.

Each adult will need to bring:

Current Colorado photo I.D.
Proof of Pueblo address - a piece of mail with your name & address dated in the last 60 days.
Proof of children in the home (Medicaid card, Social Security card or birth certificate). 

You can receive a food sack every 30 days and clothing every 60 days. Only 1 food sack per address every 30 days.

At times we have the following items. Just ask your interviewer and they will be happy to assist you.

Feminine Products
Dog & Cat Food
Personal Hygiene Items