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Thank you for supporting Pueblo Cooperative Care Center and considering sponsoring a special event!  Our success depends on the generosity of others, and your consideration and use of time, resources and talent are critically important to our mission being successful. Regardless of the type of event you are considering, the event may have a Sponsor (individual or organization) where the sponsor will make a $150 contribution prior to the event to support our program needs. Upon receipt of the sponsors donation, we will highlight your event on our website and send out notices about your event to the media, partner agencies, schools, churches and other organizations requesting their support.  These notices will list the designated dates, times and locations where the event is being held and will provide the name and contact information for your event . Please understand that no single event requires a sponsor but every event requires a designated Event Host. Event Hosts do not need to make a pre-event contribution, and upon the approval for your event by our organization the event can begin. For events being conducted without a sponsor however it is the responsibility of the Event Host to market, distribute communications, conduct the event and notify us of its completion.

For nearly four decades the history, reputation and community standing of Pueblo Cooperative Care Center has been observed and monitored very closely. We do this because our organization is of great importance to our communities and we want to honor and maintain the value and respect that we have earned. Therefore, we respectfully ask that you:

provide a 15-day minimum notice of your interest in hosting an event,
identify the benefits that Pueblo Cooperative Care Center will be receiving from the event, including:

types of clothing (prior approval for clothing drives is requested),
types of foods (canned, frozen, non-perishable),
types of hygiene items (oral care, personal hygiene, other),
types of shoes (newborn, baby, toddler, child, youth, adult),
the percentage of gross sales, or
every item received and all monetary proceeds.

We are excited to learn more about your event! Please complete the Event Interest Form then call us so we can talk things over. Send us an email with your completed Event Interest Form to info@cooperativecare.org and upon approval your event can begin. It’s easy if you try and we will help you in every manner possible for greater success.