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United Way

Pueblo Cooperative Care Center is proud to be a United Way of Pueblo County agency. Our organization could not do all that we do without the support of United Way, and the difference they make is immeasurable! Their processes and extended value are time tested, proven and irreplaceable. If you aren’t familiar with United Way, here is a brief three-step summary analysis reflecting how it all works.

  1. People donate.
  2. United Way distributes.
  3. Lives change.

Their credo is simply “Live United.” It's an ideology that serves as a constant reminder that when they reach out a hand to one they positively influence conditions for everyone. United Way builds the strength of our neighborhoods, bolsters the health of our communities and changes lives. This organization works very hard to help bring long-lasting systemic change to issues such as family, financial stability and academic success. The mission of United Way of Pueblo County is “to develop donor resources to enhance the quality of life for the people of Pueblo County.” They bring together a cross-section of citizens and agencies in a community-wide effort to provide human service programs in Pueblo, Pueblo West, Rye, Colorado City, Avondale, Boone and Beulah. United Way plans service priorities to meet future community needs, they evaluate services to be sure they meet high performance standards, and they complete this task in the most efficient and effective way.

At some point in history, you or your family have likely benefitted from United Way of Pueblo County. Any individual who uses a United Way agency benefits, including those who are disabled, elderly, disaster stricken, youth, those with emotional or marital problems or those seeking recreational or volunteer activities. The simple fact is, one out of every three families benefit from United Way services in Pueblo County, which include domestic violence sheltering at the YWCA, scouting, counseling and children’s day care. People who experience a tragedy often turn to United Way agencies for assistance as their services are structured to help people no matter what their income levels are.

The bottom line is that we all benefit from living and working in a healthier, happier community and every year more than 200 companies help change lives in Pueblo County by supporting United Way. No other single organization has the ability to address and impact such a broad range of needs in such a timely and efficient manner. Change does start with United Way and this has been their practice for over 90 years. As an agent of change, Pueblo Cooperative Care Center is honored to have worked with them for nearly 40 of these 90 years!