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EPIC Pueblo


Low test scores, school violence, teen pregnancy, crime, vandalism, drug abuse (and much more) are words that we hear every day. These are all factors that contribute to a vicious cycle of poverty which can drag down an entire community. How can we help? What can we do? Where do we start? These are questions that we all need to reflect on if we truly desire positive outcomes and change. 

EPIC starts by investing in our children to create a brighter future for tomorrow for everyone. Children from non-interactive homes enter into Kindergarten with a 1,200-word vocabulary, where children from interactive homes go into school with over a 3,000-word vocabulary. What results is that our communities will pay $50,000 (on average) to make up for that gap before the child turns 18. Did you know that in the state of California it is reported they build prisons based on current third grade reading levels?  Resolution needs to begin on day one, and we can make a difference together which is an EPIC belief.

EPIC holds the vision that tomorrow's engineers, bankers, teachers, health care providers, military leaders, and business leaders are starting their educational careers today. At EPIC, they believe that it is their duty to ensure that the children entering kindergarten today will have the skills they need to be the leaders of tomorrow.


EPIC educates the business sector on the importance of early childhood development and the implementation of Colorado's current programs for early childhood education, wellness, and care for children birth to age eight.

EPIC equips the business sector with tactical approaches to increase the level of child and family support they provide to their employees and with corporate giving strategies to advance their investments in the early childhood sector.

EPIC engages business leaders to be early childhood advocates and champions of the economic and societal benefits of investing in very young children.

EPIC energizes business leaders to lead a campaign to reform the allocation of and amplify Colorado's public and private resources to make the investment in very young children the highest priority at all levels of government.

EPIC partners with Pueblo Cooperative Care Center in supporting Pueblo County children by reaching deep within the populations that are at the highest risk. We recognize that good nutrition, safe environments,  and educational opportunities go hand in hand in successful early childhood development. Through diligent collective efforts, we we strive to bring people closer to a better tomorrow.

Be different. Get involved, be a leader, volunteer, donate and find a way to bring about change. EPIC and Pueblo Cooperative Care Center make a difference – every day!

For additional information about EPIC, please visit: http://www.pueblounitedway.org/epic.