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Ride-On Shane and Aaron!

It’s been nearly one-year since Pueblo Cooperative Care Center took a risk and installed a large, 16-bicycle rack to better serve clients. This endeavor, approved by the board of directors, was undertaken as a method to help clients who arrive by bike to better receive services. “As the weather improves, we are all seeing more and more bicycles on the roads” says Mona Montoya, Director of Operations at Pueblo Cooperative Care Center, “and not every client has adequate transportation with many not knowing how they are going to get the food, clothing and other items they receive to their place of residence.”  Shane Bragdon and Aaron E. Rasco (shown here) are just two of our many clients now using the bike rack with more occurring daily. Shane stated “we used to lock our bikes up on a pole and there was always the threat of it getting stolen. This gives us the space we need to get our things ready for the ride home and cars aren’t whizzing by us all the time.”

“In many communities nationwide, bicycle racks are often classified as “hostile architecture” because of problems associated to their implementation” Montoya stated, “but our rack isn’t hostile in the least as it removes barriers for clients and reduces our liability to those who use it.”  “Pueblo Cooperative Care Center allows access for all users and is not responsible for bikes which is why we encourage clients to lock them while receiving services.”  Montoya added, “the cost for installing this rack was just over $1,000 but has proven itself to be a worthy investment many times over.”

Thank you Shane and Aaron – ride on brothers!