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Pueblo Cooperative Care Center Honored by Care and Share

Every single effort extended by the great people from Care and Share of Southern Colorado is represented in their organizational name. These people care, they share and they support Southern Colorado. These great people conduct their efforts without seeking fame or fortune, and they work many long hours behind the scenes of every day life. They hold tremendous commitment to their goals and they never waiver on their belief that no single person should go hungry. They were instrumental in the development of the Colorado Blueprint to End Hunger, and every day they provide food resources throughout Southern Colorado to help others. It is hard work, it requires precise planning and most importantly it is a dedicated effort that reflects love and mercy.

Care and Share exists to ensure that the one in eight Southern Coloradans at risk of hunger have access to healthy and nutritious foods. They recognize that children without adequate access to food cannot develop successfully, families cannot plan for their future, and senior citizens find it more difficult to remain independent. We know, at Pueblo Cooperative Care Center that we would have increased challenges without the support we receive from them and we recognize that our alliance is invaluable as we address the needs of Pueblo County. Care and Share is one of Colorado’s greatest assets and we are blessed to have them in our local communities.

Pueblo Cooperative Care Center received notification from Care and Share that we were selected as one of two “Partner Agencies” for 2018 and have been invited to share in their “Community of Champions Celebration” being held at their Colorado Springs headquarters in April.  Ms. Stasia Erickson, Agency Relations Director for Care and Share cited “Pueblo Cooperative Care Center is an outstanding partner in the fight against hunger, making it possible to serve 153,000 of our neighbors in need.  We value your partnership and sincerely appreciate your continuous support of our programs.”

In 2018 we witnessed many challenges in Pueblo County as well as throughout Southern Colorado. Pueblo Cooperative Care Center worked diligently to address and meet the increase in need, and to offer support where it was required the most.  We achieved new heights in the services we provide and we were able to stand by our goal of “doing something every day that brings people closer to a better tomorrow.” We made a difference!  We appreciate the honor bestowed on us by Care and Share, but we recognize that we could not do what we do without Care and Share or our network of community partners. We are delighted to share this honor with all of Pueblo County. We thank our many volunteers for their gifts of time, energy and service; and we thank our funders, businesses, churches, organizations, donors and individuals for supporting our mission. We cannot do what we do without you and we will accept this honor on your behalf.  We also know that Care and Share and its great people are the truest of Community Champions!