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The “Retired Math Teachers” Group

All too often, retirement is and can be a stressful and a difficult transition for many people. Sometimes retirees pacify their time by traveling, moving or redecorating their homes, spending time on hobbies or even taking on new types of work. There are countless resources for retirees to seek out and locate new opportunities that will ease their transition into retirement. Today more retirees are striving to gain an understanding of new technologies to communicate with loved ones, stay in contact with friends, reach out to fellow retirees or simply just to keep their minds active and stay “in the know.” Regardless of the path they choose to take, retirees need to find purpose. Many develop communities to replace what they had while they were working on their jobs and to stay in contact with their peers.

We have great public schools in Pueblo County and teachers know and understand the level of required resources needed for children to succeed. Teachers build successful careers by providing quality classrooms, offering quality instruction and by maintaining the primary goal of supporting families to contribute to our communities. We trust teachers with our children’s futures while in the classroom, and we believe that their efforts will extend far beyond the classroom walls.

The “Retired Math Teachers” group from Pueblo County area schools (Connie, Karen, Sharon, Chris, Lora, Michelle, Jodene, Doug, Pauline, Jerry and Jean) have donated 100 Children’s Christmas bags to Pueblo Cooperative Care Center for distribution to families that just need a little extra Christmas help. The Retired Math Teachers know first-hand how frustrating it can be when children cannot be provided with things that many people take for granted. Christmas is a beautiful time and these children’s gifts send families a message of acceptance and offers them a sense of hope. They know that somebody cares for them and it helps their children not to notice the struggles that they may be going through. These offerings set a tone for the entire holiday season because these retirees are good with numbers. They know that financial pressures can make the holidays stressful for struggling families and these wonderful individuals reach out to the community and make a difference every year!

For these gifts, given out of love and caring for our community, Pueblo Cooperative Care Center thanks the Retired Math Teachers for over 20 years of commitment to our community beyond their retirement. Thank you for choosing Pueblo Cooperative Care Center this year and offering a hand where it is needed the most.