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Encompass Health

Encompass Health is an unbelievable organization!  This group of strong, committed individuals thrive under their commitment to “go above and beyond, never settling for anything less than excellence.” The Encompass Health organization takes the necessary time to understand the physical, mental and emotional needs of people and then offers their support. They listen, make deep connections and engage with people on a personal level to better serve their needs and to foster improvement. These wonderful people, the Pueblo area Encompass Health organization are true leaders and they challenge themselves daily for improvement. Encompass  Health believes that they should “do the right thing the right way, no matter how difficult, even when no one is looking.” This is one of Pueblo County’s brightest stars as their positive spirit is reflected in their actions. They firmly believe that our individual strengths make us stronger together and there is no question that they believe in our communities.

Today, the Pueblo’s Encompass Health team arrived at Pueblo Cooperative Care Center and contributed 55 boxes of food, clothing and hygiene products to benefit Pueblo County residents needing assistance. This charitable gift, and the kindness they displayed truly reflects the values that they have aspired to maintain. Thank you Encompass Health for your commitment to our community. Your efforts aided Pueblo Cooperative Care Center in our mission of bringing people closer to a better tomorrow. You made a real difference!

See Encompass Health: https://www.encompasshealth.com/